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Remodeling 101

by Bear Contracting LLC on 03/31/16

  • Open Communication between the homeowner and the remodeler

Consistent and open communication between you and your remodeler will enhance your understanding of the project, provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, and ultimately help to make the experience a positive one for everyone involved.

  • Request a written proposal from the contractor

Get the estimate in writing to ensure you and your contractor are on the same page.


Planning your next home improvement project.

by Bear Contracting LLC on 02/28/12

Planning is the most important step in making your next project turn out the best that it can. Before your start your next project try and think of everything that you must have completed from start to finish. This can save time and lots of money. If you have painting to do pick out your colors and finishes before you start your project . Try to have as much of the work finished before you even pick out a contractor. This can avoid much confusion and avoid many different problems. If you need siding ,roofing , or flooring get as many different samples as you can and try to do some homework to make sure you are using the materials that you want to be used.Doing these simple things will surely save you time and money in the future.

buying tile on sale or discontinued

by Bear Contracting LLC on 02/24/12

I have run into a problem several times when customers buy tile on sale or when it is on clearance or discontinued. The tile could be on sale for several different reasons. It could be an undesirable size , shape or color or it could be that the tile is actually not all the same color or size. I have installed tile on several different occasions that customers have bought on clearance and it seemed to be a great deal upfront but once I started laying the tile I realized the tile varied in sizes from 11-1/2 inches to 11-7/8 inches . This made the tile extremely difficult to lay and keep straight looking grout lines. Beware of to good to be true tile deals and open several boxes of the on sale tile to make sure that they are the same size and also check the lot number to make sure they were made at the same time so they were made from the same materials. good luck on your next tile project!

Linda's new granite tile and stainless steel fireplace pan

by Bear Contracting LLC on 01/02/12

"The fireplace looks great. Thanks again"

Judi's dining room addition and new windows

by Bear Contracting LLC on 01/02/12

"At Christmas, the dining room bumpout did what we needed and people had room to sit comfortably and still have room to walk behind chairs. These 50-60 degree days have given us opportunity to open a window now and then. They are so easy to open/close--unlike our old windows. Thanks again for the good workmanship"