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Different types of Roofs
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$$ Depends on type and quality of the metal used.  Steel $3 - 7.50/sq ft, aluminum $7 - 9.00/sq ft, copper $11 - 12.00/sq ft. (does not include cost of labor)
PROS  light weight, durable, low maintenance, fireproof, energy efficient
CONS  steep installation cost, can dent
FACT  The first known metal roof was a copper roof built in 970 B.C. on a temple in Jerusalem.

$  Most popular type/style due to cost.  $1 - 4.00/sq ft. including labor.  Labor cost will vary depending on type of roof (see diagram above).
PROS  economical and easily repaired, great in resisting the effects of weather, available in many colors, shapes and dimensional depths
CONS  Shorter lifespan than other roofing material (approx 20 yrs) depending on weather conditions.
TWO TYPES  Fiberglass: man made and proven to be more fire-resistant than composition. Composition: made of wood and paper fibers turned into organic felt.  The fiberglass and composition are soaked in asphalt, which embeds mineral granules into shingles which provides weatherproofing qualities.
FACT In 1880s large quantities of asphalt were imported from Trinidad.  In 1903 Harry M Reynolds pushed the idea of shaping asphalt into shingles.